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pH Meter Calibration, Maintenance and Demonstration of Capability Training

pH Meter Calibration, Maintenance and Demonstration of Capability Training

DEQ Inspectors are getting serious with pH measurement and recording on VPDES permits. Inspectors will want to see that you are competent/trained in the use of your pH meter and that you are following Method rules regarding meter calibration and time of sampling and pH measurement.

Bring your pH meter and instrument manual to the course and we will show you how to operate, calibrate and document your in-house pH testing in order to meet VDEQ requirements.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to get your company up to speed with regulatory compliance pH testing. This course includes the following:

  • training for the calibration of your meter

  • ALL calibration standards provided with course

  • Free Thermistor/Thermometer calibration with NIST with Certificate.

  • SOP template

  • Log book Page for Stormwater sampling

  • Demonstration of Capability Certificate

  • Stormwater sample kit (containers, labels, cooler, chain of custody form, storm data form)


Introduction to Ph

Definition – pH is the measure of activity of the Hydrogen ion.

pH Range is 0 – 14

pH <7 is acidic

pH >7 is basic (alkaline)

pH = -log10 (ah+) = log10 (1/ah+)

Most meters are created equal; however the probes are all created differently.

Probe Types:

Gel –less maintenance but more expensive

Refillable –more maintenance but less expensive

Cleaning is required when deposits or contaminants appear on the probe or the response of the probe is slow.

Just Rinse with DI Water and BLOT with a kimwipe.

General: Soak in 1M HCl solution for 30 minutes.

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