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Microbiology Lab

this laboratory is equiped with state of the art equipment and holds accrediations and certifications in Virginia and North Carolina.  We provide microbiological studies as requested.  These  include sterility checks, effectiveness testing, spore count on autoclaves and more.  call today to discuss your microbiological testing

Inorganic Lab

Inorganic Chemistry, Classical Wet Chemistry, trace Metals Analysis
The inorganic department consists of classical wet chemistry methodology as we ll as several modern instrumental procedures.  We have automated methods to perform most of the classical wet chemistry techniques.

Organic Chemistry Lab

Our Organic Chemistry Laboratory is skilled in various extraction techniques to meet the most demanding testing projects.  We provide a full range of Gas Chromatography and Gas chromatography mass spectrometer testing specializzing in USEPA testing methods.

Field Services

Our field sampling group offers a wide variety of services.  We provide routine sample pick-up in eastern Virginia and North Carolina.  support the scheduling and sampling of many industrial wastewater permits, as well as sample stromwater outfalls for various clients in the Hampton Roads Area.

Specialty Services

sampling and testing for the US EPA 2013 Vessel Discharge General permit

Specialty Services:
Compliance Permit Management
DMR preparation
Electronic Reporting
River and Stream Monitoring
Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
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We support the following business segments:
  • Specialty Chemical manufacturers

  • Remediation Firms

  • Shipyards

  • Food Processors

  • Engineering Companies

  • Landfills

  • Waste Disposal Companies

  • Real Estate Companies

  • Law Firms

  • Homeowners

  • Utilities Companies.

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