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Quality is more than just having a plan in place that specifies how analysis is to be run.  It represents the commitment by the company to develop a culture that values and places as its highest priority results that are as near to the true value as possibleand that, will repeat no matter how many times the analysis is run or which analyst perform the analysis.  This commitment stretches from the moment an order is placed to the issuance of the final report to the customer and beyond.


In addition to the thorough reviews of data prior to reporting, each analyst has demonstrated competancy in each test and procedure they perform. Blind quality control samples are run along with normal workload to evaluate systemic and individual performance.  Internal audits are conducted on a regular basis with observations and findings being reported to upper management.  Corrective action reports are issued in a timely manner and steps taken to ensure data quality.


it is on this basis that Universal Laboratories commitment to quality is made.

Certifications and Accreditations

North Carolina
NC Wastewater/Groundwater  # 543
NC Drinking Water Lab Number 51706
Virginia Laboratory ID# 460036



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