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Do you need your field meter thermocouple calibrated annually?

Thermometers – Glass or ATC probe with pH meter $55.00


This service provides for the calibration of a variety of thermometers covering the range from -38 °C to +405 °C (-36.4 °F to +761 °F). Thermometers belonging to the large and varied group which may be classified as laboratory, or "chemical," thermometers are regularly accepted. These are of the liquid-in-glass type with either solid-stem or enclosed scale or the temperature probes attached to pH probes/meters. Every thermometer submitted must be uniquely identified by a serial number. The thermometers to be calibrated are placed in a temperature baths, at least 3 baths are used to bracket the expected use range of the thermometer, along with a NIST-calibrated mercury in glass thermometer.

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