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Easton Landfill ISO 9509 Nitrification inhibition study


ISO 9509: Water quality-Toxicity test for assessing the inhibition of nitrification of activated sludge microorganisms

•Developed proficiency in test procedure

•Set-up a temporary lab facility to run this study in Easton Md.

•Defended study results with MDEP

Embry Dam Project

Contracted vibra-core sampling prior to removing Dam

•Provided core analysis and sample compositing

•Field Measurements

Lab Analysis

International Paper Franklin Va. river monitoring

  • Provide boat and personnel for 60 mile river trip

  • Usually difficult winter months 3-4 days per week

  • Field measurements

  • Dissolved oxygen

  • pH

  • Temperature

Scamping Project MARAD/USDOTMA

•Proprietary underwater cleaning method for Ship Hulls provided by Underwater Services Inc.

•Provided boat and personnel to capture  effluent

•Analyzed in laboratory for trace metals

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